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Full Christian Music is a small contribution to the spreading of the Gospel of Jesus Christ using music, sermons, prayer and Christian documentaries. Take time to visit at, but if you have any questions, please e-mail us

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Title: Nonstopgospel
Description: 24.7.365 of Full Non stop Gospel Music, Prayer, Scripture Readion and Sermons.
Genre: Gospel
Bitrate: 96

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I sincerely ask for your continuing prayers, as I host “Non Stop Gospel Radio,”that Christ be always presented first and foremost, and that our renewal need be fully met (a word of testimony that I may share over the radio would be greatly appreciated too). Thank you so much.
I’m so grateful for your future donation (s) with us in this ministry. Together, as God continues to change us into His Own image, we are blessed to minister the Gospel freely to all, that they may hear for themselves and receive Christ, being changed and transformed by the awesome grace of God.

May this ministry always and only be a source of God’s goodness in Jesus Christ for you.

In God loving grace,
J. Ron.

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Email: Help Save Please Pray & Give Generously And Ask Others Also To Pray & Give Now In Our Greatest Time Of Need.By God\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\